Micro Cloud Application Platform

Build and run your apps, your way

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Build apps, not infrastructure.

StackForge provides you with all the tools you need to iterate quickly, and adopt the right technologies for your project.

Build modern, maintainable apps and instantly extend them with functionality from addons without worrying about infrastructure.

$ forge create sushi
Creating sushi... done

$ git push forge master
----> Forge receiving push
----> Node.js app detected
----> ...
https://sushi.forgeapps.co deployed.

Deploy in minutes, with tools you love.

Putting new features into production has never been easier. Set up staging and test environments that match production so you can deliver functionality without fear, and continuously make improvements.

Features We Offer

All that you need to build & deploy simple to complex Apps.


Buildpacks are a collection of scripts for compiling apps on the platform, specific to the frameworks and languages you use in your app. the platform supports a set of default, open source buildpacks.


Use technologies you love with your apps. Add-ons are fully managed services, integrated into the the platform. They can be provisioned and scaled in a single command, and consumed by your application as loosely coupled components. Add-ons provide services for logging, caching, monitoring, persistence and more.


StackForge lets you manage environment-specific configurations, such has credentials for backing services, separately from your source code for greater safety and portability. This data can be managed with config vars, which are made available to your running application as simple environment variables.


Sometimes you want to run one-off processes on your app—run a script in your app's environment, use your app's console, etc. Using forge run, you can quickly spin up a one-off instance of your app environment to run ad-hoc commands.

Push to Deploy

Use git to deploy apps on the platform in one command. We will build and run the source application, handling compilation, dependencies, assets and executables so you can focus on code. Code pushed to the forge remote will be live and running on the platform quickly.


On the platform, your app is easily divided into worker, web, queue and other process types which can be scaled up independently and on-demand. This provides a simple, powerful model for addressing user growth, traffic spikes, and demanding background tasks with ease and flexibility.

Super Simple Pricing

Get started for free and pay as you go.


$0 / month
  • 1 Server
  • 1 Application
  • 1 Forge Apps Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate


$14.99 / month
  • ∞ Servers
  • ∞ Applications
  • ∞ Forge Apps Domains
  • ∞ Custom Domains
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • CLI Tool


$29.99 / month
  • ∞ Servers
  • ∞ Applications
  • ∞ Forge Apps Domains
  • ∞ Custom Domains
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • CLI Tool
  • Collaborator Access
  • Team / User Permissions